Outbound Trunks

DIDWW’s Outbound SIP Trunking service is delivered in partnership with selected, global incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), exclusively using premium routes to deliver cost-efficient calling with the highest level of audio quality.


Unlimited concurrent call capacity - scalable network, with outbound SIP trunks providing unlimited concurrent call capacity. Users may add as many trunks as required to support their specific communications model or customer base.

Configurable Caller ID - users may select the caller ID that is displayed to call recipients, and this parameter may include local, mobile, toll-free numbers and short numbers.

Call filtering - customers may restrict outbound calls and ensure that no undesired traffic is sent by enabling call filtering on a per-trunk basis. These filtering tools include username and IP address authentications, white lists and black lists.

Call routing and restrictions - fully customizable dial plan and routing rules may be applied on a per-trunk basis, enforcing destination restrictions and processing re-route SIP codes for certain types of calls, such as those made to international or toll-free premium numbers.

Monitoring and security - monitoring tools are provided, and CDRs are generated on a per-trunk basis. For added security, DIDWW's proactive fraud monitoring platform provides alerts to customers regarding potentially suspicious calling activities.

The DIDWW Outbound SIP Trunking service allows providers of Internet-based telephony networks to offer outbound callers access to the traditional telephony network, including calling to local, mobile, toll-free, short and emergency numbers.

DIDWW infrastructure supports emergency services with DIDs from particular countries. For more information please contact our sales team by sending an email to sales@didww.com