Introduction to Telinta TeliCore Solution & DIDWW™

Telinta offers cloud-based switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers around the world. These white label solutions enable Telinta customers to operate a VoIP business without deploying their own infrastructure.

As a part of its portfolio, Telinta offers upgraded integration of DIDWW™ Cloud PBX which can be used together with DIDWW’s DID numbers and PSTN termination.

Telinta’s hosted TeliCore™ softswitch platform enables VoIP service providers to offer™ to both end user customers and resellers. This integration allows a single hosted platform to manage key functions for switching, billing and customer management, as well as have access to DIDWW DIDs, PSTN termination, and™ PBX.

The solution includes Telinta’s multi-currency, multi-language brandable portals. With Telinta’s billing and integration with dozens of credit card processors, VoIP service providers can charge monthly fees, per-channel and per-minute fees, create volume discounts and special promotions, offer both prepaid and postpaid VoIP services.™ is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual PBX that is specifically designed to interconnect with any service provider. There is no special hardware to purchase and maintain, and™ is compatible with all landlines, mobile phones and computers, SIP devices and multi-line desktop phones. Operator APIs have been built to open up the™ software products for integration with service operators, MVNOs, resellers, enterprise customers and other types of telecommunication service providers. The Operator API endpoints provide the ability to provision and combine third-party SIP resources and services with the cloud based PBX™ and deliver full PBX solutions to customers via the operator’s self-service portal.

Telinta TeliCore™ features:

  • Real-time call detail records for both prepaid and postpaid services.

  • On-the-spot analysis of key metrics.

  • Self-care portals for end users to review their account, make payments, recharge prepaid balances and more.

  • Auto-Provisioning for hundreds of popular SIP devices.

  • Bilateral billing agreements.

  • Multiple-currency billing, with auto-fetch for current exchange rates.

  • Billing for end users and resellers.

  • Ability to create volume discounts and promotions.

  • Payments via Paypal, credit cards, in-person cash payments.

  • Access to third-party billing compliance services for telecom taxation in more than 100 countries.

Getting started

What you need to get started:

Administration portal

Auth Customers management page

Auth customers management page allows administrators to:

  • View new customers

  • View new DID orders

  • Approve payments

  • Reject payments

  • Block/unblock new DID orders

  • View charged DID number subscriptions

  • Restore canceled DID numbers


Fig. 1. Viewing new customers.


Fig. 2. Approving/rejecting customers.

DID subscription plan management

Subscritpion plan management page allows administrators to provide discounts based on DID purchasing period, add promotional periods, change DID periodic fee.


Fig. 3. Editing subscription plan.

Customer management

Customer management allows administrators to:

  • View billing information

  • Configure automatic payments

  • Trigger e-commerce payments

  • Apply DID subscriptions manually

  • Manage email notifications

  • Access customer™ PBX tenant as an admin

  • Port DID numbers manually


Fig. 4. Custom fields of™ management.


Fig. 5. Customer purchased DIDs field.


Fig. 6. Web self-care management as customer.


Fig. 7. Forwarding options to™.

End-user portal

New customer sign-up

End users signing up are able to:

  • Browse countries and DID numbers

  • Fill out registration form (if applicable)

  • Fill out subscriber info

  • Choose payment method

  • Complete anti-bot verification (Google captcha)

  • Confirm email address

  • Receive welcome email


Fig. 8. Browsing countries and DID numbers.


Fig. 9. Filling out registration form.


Fig. 10. Filling out subscriber information.


Fig. 11. Choosing payment method.


Fig. 12. Accepting terms and agreements, completing anti-bot verification.


Fig. 13. Filling out credit card information.

Customer self-care portal

End users are able to:

  • Browse and purchase DIDs (virtual numbers)

  • View CDRs (call history)

  • Manage PBX (™)

  • View billing info (my account)

  • Make payments

  • Enter new credit cards


Fig. 14. My account section.


Fig. 15. Virtual numbers section.


Fig. 16. Manage™ PBX section.