DIDWW Prometheus exporter

DIDWW Prometheus exporter is a service that provides various metrics, statistics and information regarding your account.

To start using DIDWW Prometheus exporter you need to:

  • install the Prometheus server

  • get a new dedicated API security key for the Prometheus server from your DIDWW account

  • configure the Prometheus server

Getting an API security key

The API security key is used to authorize your Prometheus server requests against the DIDWW Prometheus exporter endpoint. It is highly recommended to use a dedicated API key for your Prometheus server with the Access IPs field set to your Prometheus server IP address. To get an API security key see API Section.

Once you have your authorization token you can check connectivity between your Prometheus server and DIDWW Prometheus exporter using curl:

$ curl -m 10 -sSv -H 'Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>' https://metrics.didww.com/metrics

Prometheus server configuration

To set up the Prometheus server to fetch metrics from the DIDWW Prometheus exporter, add this job configuration to your prometheus.yml:

- job_name: didww-metrics
  scrape_interval: 30s
  scrape_timeout: 10s
  # honor_timestamps must not be "false"
  honor_timestamps: true
  scheme: https
     credentials: "<API_KEY>"
  - targets:
    - metrics.didww.com:443

Supported metrics




Indicates that the DIDWW exporter is up when the value is 1.


Indicates that a collector is up.


Current balance of the account.


Number of concurrent outbound calls per account, measured every minute.


Cost of active outbound calls per account, measured every minute.


Number of concurrent outbound calls via trunk, measured every minute.


Cost of active outbound calls via trunk, measured every minute.


Total cost of all outbound calls completed via trunk in the last 24 hours.