Caller Name Delivery (CNAM) is used in US-based telephone networks to provide name identification of the calling party.

The feature is split into two categories:

CNAM IN - Enables the delivery of the caller’s name to customer’s end-point set in trunk settings.
CNAM OUT - Assigns a caller’s name to the DID number, which will be displayed for the receiving party during the call, if the destination operator is performing CNAM lookup.

Enable CNAM IN

CNAM IN can be enabled per SIP trunk basis and will be delivered to customer’s end-point.

CNAM IN can be enabled per SIP trunk at CNAM IN section. Refer to Voice IN SIP trunk.

CNAM IN can also be enabled for v2 trunks:

Step 1. Under the “Trunks” section, select “Voice IN” and click on the ellipsis icon under the “Actions” column (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Locating v2 trunk settings

Click on “Edit” to open v2 Trunk settings menu.

Step 2. Click on “CNAM IN” to reveal CNAM settings (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2. v2 trunk CNAM IN settings

Step 3. Enable “Inbound CNAM lookup” slider to activate CNAM IN feature for the trunk (Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. Activating CNAM IN

Once activated, “Additional cost per call” window will display the pricing per call for CNAM lookup per call.

Click “Submit” to confirm the changes.


CNAM OUT can be enabled via the DID Numbers section of the user panel.

Once the request is received for CNAM OUT configuration, a request is performed to modify global CNAM database and set the customer’s requested CNAM OUT value.


CNAM OUT display highly depends on the destination operator. In this case, if the destination number operator is performing CNAM Lookup and fetching the value from CNAM database, it will be displayed for destination number.

Step 1. Select DIDs that CNAM should be set for and press on Batch Actions (Fig. 1.)


Fig. 1. Marking DIDs

Step 2. From the Batch Actions menu, select Configure CNAM OUT option (Fig. 2.)


Fig. 2. Selecting Configure CNAM OUT

Step 3. Proceed by filling in the following and pressing Confirm (Fig. 3.):

CNAM OUT - up to 15 characters Identity
Identity - select Identity

The CNAM OUT task is now placed which will be verified within 72 hours.


Fig. 3. Filling in fields

Set CNAM value and its task statu can be reviewed at Manage DID section (Fig. 5.):


Fig. 4. Accessing Manage DID section


Fig. 5. CNAM OUT Status


CNAM can not be modified or removed while the task is pending.


Step 1. Refer to Batch Actions and select Remove CNAM OUT (Fig. 1.)


Fig. 1. Marking DIDs

Step 2. DID numbers will be listed for which CNAM will be removed upon Confirmation. Proceed with pressing Confirm (Fig. 2.)


Fig. 2. Creating CNAM OUT Removal Task

CNAM OUT task for CNAM removal will be shown at Manage DIDs section with status Cancelation Pending (Fig. 3.)


Fig. 3. CNAM OUT Cancelation Pending