Create PSTN Trunk

Step 1. Under the “Trunks” section, select “Voice IN” and click the “Create New/ PSTN Trunk” button (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Adding a new PSTN Trunk

Step 2. Enter the PSTN Trunk details and click the “Check rate & availability” (Fig. 2).

Basic trunk configuration parameters:

  • Friendly name – PSTN trunk name to identify created trunk on your DIDWW user panel.

  • PSTN Phone Number – a destination number in E.164 format: country code + area code + number. (no spaces or symbols used) e.g. 12121111111.

  • Assign trunk to all DIDs – if checked, all DIDs on your account will be assigned to this trunk group.


Fig. 2. PSTN Trunk details window


To assign all DIDs on your account to this trunk group, check Assign trunk to all DIDs and confirm action in opened window (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3. Assign trunk to all DIDs confirmation window

The per-minute PSTN forwarding rate that will be applied is displayed (Fig. 4).

Step 3. Click “Submit” to complete trunk configuration (Fig.4).


Fig. 4. Completing the trunk configuration