The DIDWW API is available to registered users free of charge, and provides a simple yet powerful interface for allowing customers to include DIDWW services within their own business processes. As such, this interface is the ideal tool for building alternative dashboards, developing mobile apps and automating front and back-end applications. Our newest REST API 3 is a fully compliant implementation of the JSON API specification version 1.0, so as to provide feature-rich, simple, consistent interfaces for maximum efficiency of network resources.

API3 Documentation

Start Working With DIDWW API

Get DIDWW API by generating API security key:

Step 1. Create an account on DIDWW User panel.

Step 2. Go to section “API” and enter your websites URL and IP address of your machine running the API.

Step 3. Press “Update” and press “Send API security key to email” buttons.

API security key will be sent to contact e-mail address. In case you would like to try API first before running it on production, please contact your account manager or simply send your query to sales@didww.com

Differences Between Sandbox API and Production API

The sandbox API allows you to develop your application outside the production environment and therefore does not affect critical data. Operating your application in the sandbox is essentially the same as operating in the production environment, and all aspects of the API may be tested. However, no actual transactions take place that modify the DIDWW number inventory or cause charges to be incurred. This environment is important for testing the functionality and logic of your application before deploying to production or releasing to customers.

Production API has full coverage list (over 70 countries), true numbers are returned and your prepaid balance will be charged with the very first order.

Sandbox environment URL: https://sandbox-api.didww.com/v3/

Production environment URL: https://api.didww.com/v3/

Language Implementation In DIDWW API

DIDWW API does not depend on any language. Website can be built in any preferred language. Country and city names will be displayed in English.

Refer to the API documentation for more information.