Creating SMS to Email Trunk

Step 1. Under the “Trunks” section, select the “SMS” tab, navigate to “Create New”, and click on “Email” (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Adding a new SMS to Email Trunk

Step 2. You will be prompted to enter your SMS to Email Trunk details (Fig. 2):


  • Friendly name – SMS to Email Trunk name to identify this service on your DIDWW user panel.

  • Recipient email – email address to which SMS should be forwarded.

  • Email subject – email subject, which can optionally include variables such as {SMS_SRC_ADDR}, {SMS_DST_ADDR} and {SMS_TIME}.

  • Email body - email content, which includes the SMS message {SMS_TEXT}, and can also contain variables such as {SMS_TIME} and {SMS_TEXT_BASE64_ENCODED}.

Trunk Group Configuration

  • Assign to trunk group - optional, trunk can be assigned to SMS trunk group

  • Priority - priority of this trunk. If priority is the lowest, DIDWW will attempt to contact the target of this trunk


Fig. 2. SMS to Email Trunk details window

Step 3. Click “Create” to complete the SMS trunk configuration.