DID Numbers

All numbers assigned to a user’s account are listed in the “DID Numbers” section.

A DID status summary is displayed at the top of this page (Fig. 1):

ALL - the total number of available DIDs in the account.

Active - the number of configured DIDs with service time remaining.

Not configured - the number of DIDs that have no trunk or capacity assigned and are unable to receive incoming calls.

Awaiting registration - the number of DIDs which are awaiting the completion of the registration process.

Terminated - the number of DIDs that have no service time or have been removed.

Expiring soon - the number of DIDs that will not renew again, as the remaining number of Billing Cycles is set to 0.


Fig. 1. “DID Numbers” section

A list of DID numbers in the account can be exported by clicking “Download CSV”. New numbers can be purchased by clicking “Add New DIDs” (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2. Batch action and export positions

Multiple DIDs can be managed through “Batch Actions” as shown in Fig. 2.