Create SMS to Email Trunk

Step 1. Under the “Trunks” section, select “SMS Trunks”, then “+Add SMS Trunk” > “Email” (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Adding a new SMS to Email Trunk.

Step 2. You will be prompted to enter your SMS to Email Trunk details (Fig. 2).

Configuration options are:

  • Trunk name – SMS to Email Trunk name to identify this service on your DIDWW user panel.

  • Recipient email – email address to which short messages should be forwarded.

  • Email subject – email subject, which could optionally include variables such as {SMS_SRC} and {SMS_TIME}

  • Message body - email content, which would include the SMS message {SMS_TEXT}, but could also include variables such as {SMS_TIME}


Fig. 2. SMS to Email Trunk details window.

Step 3. Click “Submit” to complete the SMS trunk configuration.