Trunks Section

Trunks are configured and managed by selecting the “Trunks” option from the left-hand menu on the Management Portal page.

There are 5 types of trunks: Voice IN, Voice OUT, SMS IN and OUT, and System Trunks (Fig. 1)


Fig. 1. “Trunks” section and available subsections.

Voice Trunks (Voice IN, Voice OUT) - are used for establishing connections to VoIP systems (for example ITSPs and PBXs) as well as to gateways for landline and mobile phone connections. All DID numbers supporting voice services must be mapped to a selected voice trunk in order to deliver calls to the required service. Both Inbound and Outbound trunks are supported.

There are five types of Inbound voice trunks:

  • SIP

  • IAX2

  • H.323

  • PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)


SMS Trunks (SMS IN, SMS OUT) - used to carry SMS data from SMS-enabled DIDs, and deliver those messages to the pre-configured destinations. Four types of SMS Trunks are supported:

  • E-mail (SMS IN Only)

  • HTTP



System Trunks - are pre-configured by DIDWW and are reserved for specific uses such as directing inbound calls from DID numbers to specialty products and services, such as echo tests for monitoring call quality.