Number Selection Tool


Number selection tool is not enabled by default. Please contact to request this functionality.

The online procedure for selecting numbers is simple and intuitive. Numbers are easily selected by specifying the country, city name/prefix, and number types required. Clicking on the “Numbers” button in the “Select” column displays the available number inventory (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Specifying the country, city name/prefix, and number types required

A list of in-stock numbers will appear (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2. “The display of in-stock DIDs”

You may search for specific numbers by entering preferred digits or alphanumeric sequences (Fig. 3 and Fig.4).


Fig. 3. Numeric search of numbers


Fig. 4. Alphanumeric (vanity) search of numbers

Selected numbers are reserved for a predefined period of time prior to checkout before those numbers are automatically returned to the inventory (Fig. 5). The reservation time for each number may be reset by selecting the required numbers and clicking the “Arrow” button above the list (Fig. 5). After selecting the preferred numbers click on the “Go to Cart” button.


Fig. 5. Number reservation management

The selected numbers will be added to the same shopping cart (Fig. 6). Clicking on the “Proceed to checkout” buttons completes this order.


Fig. 6. Shopping Cart

This DID number selection tool is also available through the DIDWW REST API.