How to set up a PayPal recurring payment

Step 1. Navigate to the “Payment Methods” section (Fig. 1).

Step 2. Select the PayPal tab, and check if PayPal payments have been enabled for your account.


NOTE: PayPal payments may be enabled by contacting your account manager.


Fig. 1. PayPal payment option.

Step 3. Once PayPal payments have been enabled, press on “Add PayPal account” (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2. Add PayPal account.

Step 4. Follow the steps on the PayPal website to confirm recurring payments from PayPal

Step 5. Once your PayPal account has been created, press on the “Auto-charge” slider so as to add PayPal to the “Auto-charge Payment Methods” list. (Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. Add PayPal to Auto-charge.

Step 6. Check that PayPal is listed under the “Auto-charge Payment Methods” tab (Fig. 4).


Fig. 4. PayPal added to Auto-charge.