Capacity Management

Channel - the network capacity for carrying a single phone call

Channel Pool - a list of channels which may be selectively assigned to Shared Capacity Groups, or individually designated as Dedicated Channels for use by specific DIDs

Capacity Group - a set of channels that share their call capacity amongst a number of DIDs that are assigned to the Shared Capacity Group

Capacity Pool - a list of countries where additional capacity is supported

There are 2 Capacity Pools (Extended and Standard), which vary depending on the country in which the additional capacity is required.

Step 1. Select the “Capacity Pool” where the channels need to be purchased, and click on the Add Channels to Pool button (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Selecting Capacity Pool.

Step 2. Enter your required channels “Quantity” and click on the Proceed to checkout button (Fig. 2). Continue with your order completion as usual.


Fig. 2. Channels purchase.

Step 3. To configure the Capacity Group to be used with DID numbers, proceed as follows:

Click on the Add Capacity Group button (Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. Add Capacity Group.

Create a “Capacity Group” by entering the Group name and defining the number of Shared and/or Metered channels to be used by this Capacity Group. Click on the Submit button (Fig. 4).


Fig. 4. Creating Shared Capacity Group.

Step 4. To edit a Capacity Group or manage assigned DID numbers, use the “Actions” tab in the Capacity Group list (Fig. 5)


Fig. 5. Capacity Group management.

Step 5. To assign/unassign DID numbers to/from the selected Capacity Group, click on Manage assigned DIDs (Fig. 5) to open a new form, and add/remove the required DID numbers (Fig. 6).


Fig. 6. Assign/unassign DID numbers from the Capacity Group.

Step 6. Once added, DIDs can be managed through the Actions tab, or via Select batch action to select multiple numbers (Fig. 7).


Fig. 7. DID numbers management.

Step 7. To assign Dedicated channels to DID number(s), click on the DID Numbers section in the User Panel, select your required DID(s), and from the Select batch actions menu choose Assign Dedicated Channels (Fig. 8).


Fig. 8. Dedicated Channels assignment.

Step 8. Assign dedicated channels by selecting the Capacity Pool and entering the quantity of Dedicated channels per DID number. Once completed, click on the Submit button (Fig. 9).


Fig. 9. Assigning dedicated channels.

Step 9. To confirm that Dedicated channels were assigned successfully, click on the “Pie” icon on the Capacity tab in DID Numbers section (Fig. 10).


Fig. 10. Dedicated channels assignment confirmation.

To remove unused channels from the account, click on the “X” next to the Unassigned channels in the Channels Pool section (Fig. 11) and click Confirm.

Please note: all unassigned channels will be removed from your account.


Fig. 11. Channel removal.