How to change Next Capacity Mode via User Panel

Using Batch Actions:

Step 1. Select required DIDs under “DID numbers” section (1 Fig):


Fig. 1. Section of DID numbers.

Step 2. Choose “Change Next Capacity Mode” from batch action menu (Fig.2):


Fig. 2. Batch action selection.

Step 3. A new window will appear (Fig.3) where Capacity Mode should be selected and click “Submit”:


Fig. 3. Capacity Mode selection.

If Next Capacity Mode is not supported, “Submit” button is not active (Fig. 4):


Fig. 4. Capacity Mode selection not available.

Step 4. Next Capacity Mode is applied for selected DIDs (Fig. 5) and will be changed during the next billing cycle (renewal).</p>


Fig. 5. Next Capacity Mode representation.

For a single DID

Step 1. Select the required number and click “Manage DID” on the Actions tab menu (Fig. 6):


Fig. 6. Manage DID option position.

Step 2. “Change Next Capacity Mode” is available right under your current “Available Capacity” information (Fig. 7):


Fig. 7. Manage DID option position.

If Next Capacity Mode change is not supported, there is no possibility to switch between capacity modes (Fig. 8):


Fig. 8. Change Next Capacity Mode unavailable.

It is possible that DIDs from the same order will have different capacity modes (and different pricing accordingly) after renewal.