Changing Next Capacity Mode via User Panel

Using Batch Actions

Step 1. Select the required DIDs under “DID numbers” section (Fig. 1).

Step 2. Choose “Change Next Capacity Mode” from “Batch actions” menu (Fig.1).


Fig. 1. Section of DID numbers

Step 3. A new window will appear (Fig.2) where Next Capacity Mode should be selected. Click “Submit”:


Fig. 2. Capacity Mode selection

Step 4. Next Capacity Mode will be applied for the selected DIDs (Fig. 5) and will be changed during the next billing cycle (renewal).


Fig. 3. Next Capacity Mode representation

For a single DID

Step 1. Select the required number and click “Manage DID” on the Actions tab menu (Fig. 4):


Fig. 4. Manage DID option position

Step 2. “Change Next Capacity Mode” is available below your current “Available Capacity” information (Fig. 5):


Fig. 5. Manage DID option position

If Next Capacity Mode change is not supported, there will be no possibility to switch between capacity modes (Fig. 6):


Fig. 6. Change Next Capacity Mode unavailable

DIDs from the same order may have different capacity modes (and different pricing accordingly) after renewal.