Flexible Capacity Options¶

To accommodate any use case and to maximize cost and performance efficiencies, DIDWW customers can choose from 3 capacity options: flat-rate, metered and hybrid.


The flat-rate capacity option offers two types of channels - dedicated and shared. A dedicated channel is allocated to a single DID, and is suitable for customers with a predictable call volume for that specific DID. Shared channels are shared amongst a number of DIDs, and are applicable to customers with a predictable inbound call volume, and who wish to maximize efficiency and share their call capacity amongst multiple DIDs.

There are no per-minute charges for calls using flat-rate capacity, and there is a fixed monthly charge per channel. A low, one time setup fee applies for each channel purchased.

There are two Capacity Pools (Extended and Standard) for purchasing flat-rate channels, with the channel pricing being different between the Capacity Pools. The Extended Capacity Pool includes channels that can be assigned to a DID in any country included in our coverage, while the Standard Capacity Pool excludes the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Nicaragua, Thailand, Uganda, Venezuela, but offers a lower rate for setup and monthly fees.

Dedicated and shared channels may be added or removed at any time and there is no long-term commitment.


Metered channels provide a useful and cost-effective solution for customers with unpredictable volumes of simultaneous calls, for example, conferencing, call center or calling card operators.

There are no setup or monthly charges for metered channels, and a low global per-minute rate applies.

The DIDWW User Panel allows users to define the maximum number of simultaneous calls per single DID or group of DIDs, thus controlling the incoming call load and limiting traffic costs.

Metered channels may be added or removed at any time and there is no long-term commitment.


Hybrid capacity incorporates both flat-rate and metered capacity options, combining the benefits of having dedicated or shared channels for predictable volumes of simultaneous calls, supported by metered channels that serve as a backup for handling unexpected, excessive traffic.

This unique capacity option ensures that no calls are missed, and combines the efficient management of call volumes with a minimum expenditure on channel capacity.

Shared Capacity groups

A set of channels can share their call capacity amongst a number of DIDs by using Shared Capacity groups. DIDWW users can easily manage and build Shared Capacity groups suited for any application that requires maximum flexibility and channel availability.

For more information on managing channels and capacity groups, please read this article on our knowledgebase.