When using DIDWW for outbound call termination no further actions are required from the customer’s side. The DIDWW numbers, which are used as caller-ID will receive the highest A attestation level, while the 3rd party source numbers will be appended with B attestation level.

Please follow the DIDWW news releases for more updates as STIR/SHAKEN guidelines and our offered options continue to evolve.


RFC 8224. Defines how SIP Identity tokens are used to authenticate and verify the calling number in SIP signaling.
RFC 8225. Defines a method for creating and validating a token that cryptographically verifies a calling number.
RFC 8226. Describes the use of certificates in establishing authority over telephone numbers.
RFC 7340. Resents the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) problem statement outlining challenges that have led to unauthorized robocalling and other illegitimate activities.