Robocall Mitigation Database

This article outlines the necessity to register with the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database (RMDB) in order to use DIDWW’s Outbound SIP Termination services for destinations in the U.S.

Why is DIDWW requesting registration with the RMDB?

The mandate by FCC states that all voice service providers register in the RMDB where all downstream providers are prohibited from accepting any traffic from unregistered voice service providers.

If DIDWW has requested that you register with the FCC, it is because we’ve determined that your use case likely aligns with that of a “voice service provider”. In these scenarios, DIDWW is regarded as a downstream provider. This usually indicates that you are reselling DIDWW’s voice services in some way for use by a separate end user making outbound calls to U.S. destinations. By ‘reselling’, we mean that your business is not using DIDWW’s voice services directly, but rather providing them to another party for use.

As you are providing voice services to your customers, the FCC’s regulations mandate your registration with the RMDB. DIDWW also requires this in order to maintain its own regulatory obligations to the FCC.

What is Robocall Mitigation Database?

The Robocall Mitigation Database is a database established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that requires all voice service providers to submit certifications detailing their efforts to combat illegal robocalls on their networks. Its purpose is to minimize unwanted calls, including illegal and spoofed robocalls, which are the FCC’s primary consumer complaint and a key focus of consumer protection measures.

What is FCC?

The Federal Communications Commission is an independent U.S. government agency responsible for regulating interstate and international communications across various mediums such as radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. It operates in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. As the primary authority for communications law, regulation, and technological innovation in the United States, the FCC is overseen by Congress.

How do I register with RMDB?

Visit the Robocall Mitigation Database website and follow the Robocall Mitigation Database External Filing Instructions. These instructions include directions for establishing a Commission Registration System (CORES) account and FCC Registration Number (FRN), which is a prerequisite for filing with the RMDB (see the FCC’s tutorial videos for this step).

If you need help navigating the registration process, there are many consultants and outside counsel who can assist with it. If customers see inaccurate information in the database or need special assistance with the registration process, they should reach out to the FCC directly at