Outbound Dialing

Number Format

Calls to DIDWW Outbound gateway should be sent in the E.164 dialing format: country code + area code + subscribers number without the leading 00’s or (+) sign. The same rule applies for Caller ID. Correct example:

To: Bob <sip:123456789@Destination.com> // Called destination number in SIP "To" header
From: Alice <sip:1987654321@Caller.com> // Caller ID in SIP "From" header


Customers can block calls to unwanted destinations, click here for guidance.

Local Routes

Local routes are referred to as in-country routes. It enables you to call numbers that are unreachable when calls are routed via international routes, for example, Toll-Free, Shared-Cost, Premium, Short Codes, and Emergency. Local routes are available in the following countries:

Argentina Brazil Croatia Germany Italy Netherlands Portugal Spain United States
Australia Bulgaria Denmark Greece Lithuania New Zealand Russia Sweden  
Belgium Canada Finland Ireland Luxembourg Peru Serbia Switzerland  
Bosnia Chile France Israel Mexico Poland South Africa United Kingdom  


Several of the aforestated countries require DIDWW DIDs to be used as Caller ID for local routes. For more information, contact our sales department at sales@didww.com.

Calls to short numbers are available in the following countries:

Belgium Lithuania
Bulgaria Luxembourg
Denmark Spain
Ireland United Kingdom