Direct interconnection with DIDWW network allows to increase security, minimize latency and ensure more predictable traffic paths. DIDWW offers private interconnection at datacenter location as well as peering over Internet Exchange infrastructure. The preferred routing protocol for interconnection is BGP.


DIDWW PeeringDB page contains all relevant information about our networks and presence on Internet Exchange platforms and Private Peering Facilities.

DIDWW also supports IPSec VPN as an alternative security option.

To start the interconnection process please contact our sales team at or your account manager.

Private Interconnection

Private physical interconnection allows you to physically connect to DIDWW network in one or multiple of DIDWW points of presence. This is the preferred option for interconnection and it is optimal from a security and quality perspective, however, it requires additional investments towards the construction of physical infrastructure.


Fig. 1. Private physical interconnection scheme

Public Peering facilities

DIDWW is currently available on DE-CIX Frankfurt and New York routeservers. Direct peering can be done over the public DE-CIX VLAN, or through a private peering service via Virtual PNI .

DIDWW also supports peering over Equinix Fabric and PCCW Console Connect SDN platforms.


Fig. 2. Peering scheme


IPSec VPN allows you to provide additional security layer for traffic between your and DIDWW networks. This method does not affect the traffic path, but it will encrypt the traffic and allow the use of private IPs (not routable over public Internet) as SIP endpoints.

Currently, DIDWW supports IPSec VPN on 2 of our points of presence:

  • USA, New York

  • Germany, Frankfurt

We recommend establishing multiple IPSec tunnels for redundancy.


Fig. 3. VPN interconnection scheme