DIDWW SIP Trunks can be used with 3CX IP PBX for Outbound calls. The following guide will explain the steps necessary to configure the 3CX IP PBX.


This guide has been created with 3CX Version 18.0.


DIDWW SIP trunks can be configured in 3CX Hosted (PRO / ENT) plan or greater. Configuration in 3CX FREE and 3CX SMB is not available.

Getting Started

Before you begin, you will need to create Outbound trunk on DIDWW User Panel.

Create an Outbound trunk.

Step 1. In the management console of 3CX go to your SIP Trunks. (Fig.1)


Fig. 1. “Main SIP Trunk” window.

Step 2. In the SIP Trunks section click on Import Provider (Fig.2)


Fig. 2. “Import Provider” window.

Step 3. Upload the file depending on the type of traffic (outbound) and enter your DID number as a Main Trunk No. (Fig.3)


If the file opens as a New Tab with XML source code, use “Save As” on this new tab to save this file as XML.


Fig. 3. “Main Trunk No” window.

Step 4. Enter the authentication details of your DIDWW Outbound Trunk in the fields “Authentication ID” and “Authentication Password” (Fig.4).


Fig. 4. “Authentication ID and Authentication Password” section.

Step 5. Go to outbound rules section in the menu and click add. Enter the Rule name and apply the routing rules for outbound calls. In Route 1 select the Outbound routing SIP trunk of DIDWW (Fig.5).


Fig. 5. “Outbound Rules settings” window.